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‘Internet at Sea getting faster and more reliable’ with the Award Winning X7 on iDirectX

New heights in Marine broadband service and solutions are being achieve with the recent introduction of the award winning X7 from iDirect. Users can now benefit from the best DVB-S2 and A-TDMA performance that improves marine internet connectivity. Any technology that improves marine internet Voice and Data services while also receiving Multicast Channels will get reviewed by us in Voyager IP. We then make the suitable recommendations to our customers.

Key features of the X7 include:

  • Up to 100mbps combined data throughput.
  • Built for the future of High Bandwidth demands over satellite
  • Market sectors
  • 8 port VLAN switch inbuilt
  • Works on C- KU- KA and X band networks

Not only do Oil/Gas users benefit from utilising sophisticated applications, but Luxury Yachts can also benefit ,with HDMi steaming.

Cruise ships with their large passenger numbers require more data processing capability, with nearly everyone these days having some sort of mobile device. All need high speed data connectivity.

We think he iDirect X7 has certainly improved things for marine broadband users.