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Arcon Yachts

“Arcon Yachts, a client of Voyager IP since 2016, specialises in the sales, purchase, charter, construction and management of superyachts, with offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazahkstan, Montenegro, Italy and Monaco.  As well as providing professional yacht management services, Arcon also collaborates with over 50 of the biggest names in yacht building around the world on behalf of its clients.

Across the Arcon fleet, we deliver VSAT service, fleet broadband, cellular data bonding and aggregation, internet security, firewall and onboard IT network management, audio-visual and Crestron system support. 

Richard Kaye, head of Technical Operations and Sales, said 

Along with our clients and crew members, we find Voyager IP’s multi discipline, no nonsense approach towards getting things done when it needs to be done, very refreshing. They have become our go-to people for on board communications.”