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MY Amore Mio – enjoying fast internet connection at sea

A client since 2016, we provide Ka and VSAT services plus Kerio support to the MY Amore Mio, a spectacular 45m Heesen-built luxury motoryacht, with a range of 2.750nm, perfect for cruising the Mediterranean and the islands of the Caribbean. 

The MY Amore Mio is a favourite among charter clients and not just for its elegant and welcoming surroundings and friendly, professional crew.  A survey by Voyager IP revealed that the top client charter complaint is the lack of a fast internet (VSAT) connection but it’s not a problem that troubles Tripp Hock, the captain and owner representative.    Tripp Hock said, “It’s an absolute necessity to have good, stable, fast internet on board.  While many other issues relating to the operation of a yacht can go unnoticed by the guests, there is no way to hide a frustratingly slow VSAT connection at sea.”

When asked if the availability of a fast internet connection is now more important than ever before, in terms of securing client charters, Tripp Hock responded,

Absolutely, and the primary reason for this is the shift in TV content delivery. Yachts that are not using a stable and reliable Ka VSAT service are impacted as guests continue the move from satellite TV to streaming content.

Ka technology differs from the traditional Ku band satellite internet in that instead of a large ‘footprint’, it uses multiple spot beams to provide overlapping coverage. Voyager IP partners with Telenor to offer the Ka service with lower bandwidth costs than those of the Ku and C band service currently on the market.

Tripp Hock added

In over four years with Voyager IP as my VSAT service provider of choice, I can both recommend to others and take comfort myself that my guests’ data appetites will be satisfied!