Will your technical support team help me with VSAT antenna or network problems even if your company is not responsible ?

YES. If you are a satellite broadband customer of ours, we will be delighted to assist in diagnosing a problem with a VSat antenna. We’ll go out of our way to help…. it’s in our interest to make sure your service is “always on”.

How does Voyager IP’s airtime perform differently to others ?

Voyager IP carefully selects satellites and services that have been tried, tested and proven over many years by some of the most technologically advanced companies. High quality satellite connectivity is a vital element of the Voyager IP service.

What areas can Voyager IP provide coverage for ?

Voyager IP provides internet services into prime maritime regions across the world.

What flexibility do I have with the Voyager IP service.

You can easily make changes to the service you have by contacting us at our support centre.