IT Services

Voyager IP’s expert team of IT consultants will ensure that your Network plan is implemented correctly, works efficiently, and can evolve with you over time. Our LAN services include a comprehensive network assessment that takes stock of your current inventory, environment, and performance. We will then create a bespoke recommendation based on your objectives and your future plans.

Voyager IP offer Network maintenance solutions, providing cutting edge technology from industry market leading companies.

Once we have completed our assessment we will

Pinpoint any exposure or risk to potential lapses in security, data backup, or system downtime.

Outline a best practice design and criteria to future-proof and scale your LAN.

Create Initial Network Documentation (basically a blueprint or index of your entire network).

Recommend efficient methods of maintenance and network updates, that are cost effective and reliable.

Wi-Fi solutions that work

At Voyager IP we believe that good Wi-Fi is not an extra, it’s an expectation. We work in partnership with Ekahau, a world leader in wireless innovation, to deliver precise Wi-Fi diagnostics with in-depth site surveys and comprehensive spectrum analysis, that ensure optimum efficiency for our customers no matter where they are in the world.


The Solution

In order to ensure maximum wireless efficiency throughout the vessel we take the following


Step 1

Site survey and analysis of your existing wireless network.

Step 2

Troubleshoot and resolve any existing network issues.

Step 3

Design a new bespoke network that tailored requirements.

1. Site Survey

Using Ekahau Sidekick technology, Voyager IP conducts a site survey to discern exactly how your wireless technology is performing in your environment.

2. Troubleshoot

We identify and address Wi-Fi dead spots or slow unresponsive connections to maximize
the efficiency of your current infrastructure.

3. Design

We create a bespoke solution tailored to your Wi-Fi needs and working in harmony with your vessel’s design and constraints.

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