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MY Ragnar, destined for incredible voyages, supported by Voyager IP

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MY Ragnar – mixing luxury surroundings with top class comms and hardcore exploration capabilities

We’re proud to be the chosen provider of a suite of communications to the explorer yacht the MY Ragnar, which like its namesake, the legendary Norse warrior king, is imposing and fearless, a radical makeover of a former icebreaker.

The 68.2 metre luxury explorer is the first LY3 Superyacht rated Ice Class 1A Super, able to operate in temperatures as low as -35°C and maintain a speed of four knots in ice over half a metre thick.  It will mix luxury surroundings and top-class communications from Voyager IP with hardcore exploration capabilities, and it offers the promise of incredible journeys out of reach of other superyachts.

Richard Kaye, head of technical operations and sales at Arcon Yachts, said “As Ragnar is one of the most capable explorer yachts out there, we wanted to use one of the most capable communications suppliers in the business. That’s why we chose Voyager IP to handle the job.”

Mark Elliott, managing director, Voyager IP, “We’ve been working with Richard and his team for several years on other boats. The Ragnar project is very special, so the team and I are extremely proud that the communications for such a unique vessel has been entrusted to us.” 

For the project, we chose to work with IEC Telecom to provide the necessary communications to ensure the MY Ragnar is compliant with international safety and security treaties and codes.  This includes the management of the LRIT system, the SSAS and Inmarsat C. We will also be providing a global VSAT service for onboard communications for crew and clients as it navigates and enjoys some of the more extreme routes in the maritime world.

MY Ragnar – destined for places other superyachts can’t reach

Gwenael Loheac, CEO Western & Southern Europe at IEC Telecom: “It is a very inspiring project. On the basis of Inmarsat FX, our team developed a customized solution to meet the specific requirements of this majestic vessel. By enhancing the VSAT set-up with IEC Telecom’s value-added services, Ragnar’s crew and guests will be able to enjoy a higher bandwidth and better user experience no matter how far their journey will take them.”

MY Ragnar’s captain Rob Lancaster said, “Ragnar is destined to travel to some of the most remote and exciting spots on earth so expertly managed communications and tracking systems are vital for the safety and enjoyment of my crew and clients.  I’ve been working with Voyager IP for several years and I know I can trust its team to have my back no matter where we are.”

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