Stella Doradus

The mission is to design and build the most advanced and reliable broadband repeaters in the world.

All the design, manufacturing and testing of our repeaters takes place in our premises in Ireland.

Research and development is continuously advanced on each product to ensure our customers get the latest technology .


The CombinerAmp (iC) is a commercial grade cellular amplifier for ships and fleet vehicles that works for all mobile operators. When connected to the Stelladoradus cloud platform, you can remotely manage, monitor, and adjust the amplifier, as well as receive real-time measurements of signal power, signal gain, plus other control metrics for each band

The iC has 8 ports that can connect up to 4 radio cards in a 2X1 MIMO configuration.

  • LCD Touch Display – Enhanced user experience1
  • 8X ports for up to 4 radio cards, 2X1 MIMO
  • Remote monitoring – Alarms, History graphs1
  • Boosts all operators – Works with all SIMs operators
  • 5G ready
  • Completely network safe
  • Passed E.T.S.I specification

Standard kit includes:

1Internet connected CombinerAmps only. (iC6/iC5)

2This is our previous generation iC which does not have cloud monitoring or a touch LCD panel.

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