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Voyager IP delivers flexible VSAT on demand to Irish Lights

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Voyager IP recently installed a 1m VSAT antenna onboard the Irish Lights’ vessel, the ILV Granuaile.  Irish Lights has also availed of Voyager IP’s flexible VSAT offering, which delivers a cost-effective, rapid response and scalable service to customers where high bandwidth is not required on a continuous basis. The service is provided at an agreed minimum speed which is monitored by Voyager IP and be scaled up quickly whenever required.

John Burke, Director of Information & Communication Technology at Irish Lights, said “As part of our core remit and focus on innovation in our maritime services Irish Lights is consistently adopting new ways to uphold our safety at sea commitments. For operational and cost efficiency reasons, we recently required a flexible and scalable satellite bandwidth upgrade for the Granuaile to complement our other communications links.  Voyager IP was able to deliver this scalable service for us which ensures the Granuaile crew always has an adequate communications link when operating around the island of Ireland”.

Irish Lights is a maritime organisation delivering an essential 24/7 safety and navigation services around the coast of Ireland (North and South), 365 days a year. The mission of Irish Lights is Safe Navigation at Sea, to protect lives, property, trade and the environment by delivering next generation maritime services.

Irish Lights is responsible for Maritime Aids to Navigation under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. This remit includes the provision and maintenance of over 340 general aids to navigation, the superintendence of approximately 3,200 local aids to navigation, and marking or removing dangerous wrecks outside harbour areas around Ireland.

The ILV Granuaile is a versatile and advanced Class 1 DP aids to navigation vessel, whose primary function is to place and service the offshore buoys operated by Irish Lights. It also has a helicopter platform for servicing offshore lighthouses and works with other State agencies on search and rescue operations, oil pollution control, surveying and offshore data collection.

Mark Elliott, Managing Director of Voyager IP said, “As the leading supplier of VSAT services to the Irish marketplace, we’re delighted to be working with and supporting Irish Lights in the delivery of its vital services to the Irish maritime industry.”

ILV Granuaile at Fastnet Lighthouse. Photo: Andrew Collins.

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