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Voyager IP is partner in Eurofleets + Project

Mark Elliott, managing director, Voyager IP (3rd row from front, white shirt) with scientists and research vessel operators at the kick-off of the EU H2020 Eurofleets + project.
Voyager IP is delighted to be a partner in the EU H2020 Eurofleets + project, for which it will be providing recommendations on standardising communications aboard the largest advanced research vessel fleet across Europe, Greenland, USA, Canada, Bermuda and New Zealand.

There are 27 state-of-the-art research vessels from European and other international partners involved in the project, giving marine researchers opportunities to access research vessels in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Pacific Southern Ocean and Ross Sea.

Mark Elliott, managing director, Voyager IP, said “The typical communications challenges facing such a large research vessel fleet are centred around the different systems and platforms they use.  Voyager IP will be helping the fleet to manage those challenges by offering a standardised communications solution with the required resilience and links to optimise the connectivity of the fleet onshore and afloat.”

The Marine Institute in Ireland is the coordinator of Eurofleets+, which includes a consortium of 42 marine institutes, universities, foundations and SMEs from 24 countries across Europe, North America and Oceania, with funding of €9.9 million. It follows on from the success of two previous Eurofleets projects.

Establishing a strategic roadmap and sustainability plan, Eurofleets+ will extend and enhance the capabilities of the European research vessel infrastructure, bringing new perspectives, new ideas, and new research and innovation tracks that will be beneficial to all. The project will prioritise research on sustainable, clean and healthy oceans, linking with existing ocean observation infrastructures, as well as supporting innovative ideas, working closely with industry.

More information on Eurofleets+ is available on www.eurofleets.eu.