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Voyager IP offers services across the Ka and Ku bands. The future of VSat communications, the Ka band uses multiple spot beams to offer internet-via-satellite users a less congested service with higher bandwidth rates (over 100Mb/s) and lower bandwidth costs than Ku and C Band.

For bespoke multiple coverage options at sea, Voyager IP use Ku band, to ensure coverage across trans-Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Ocean.



3g/4g/5g cellular services provide reliable, affordable, fast, and secure connections for maritime users.

This is the most effective way to meet the ever-rising bandwidth demands of crews and customers at sea.

Unlike other options on the market, Voyager IP’s solution does not rely on a single cellular provider's coverage.

By combining all available signals we ensure that the end user has the fastest, most reliable internet connection possible at their location.

VoyagerIP Services
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