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Wireless Network Solutions and Design

How to Boost the Reliability and performance of On Board Wireless Networks

Deploying a Wireless network across a vessel is a complex challenge.

Determining the positioning of Access Points, and evaluating the factors that insure maximum on board WiFi signal coverage actually requires specialist diagnostic tools and specialist technical skills.

More and more on board Wireless network stability and reliability is becoming a crucial element of the on board experience for users on Superyachts and Commercial vessels. 

Voyager IP’s has a fully trained team of wireless network specialists who can now work with TVRO/Entertainment systems integrators and :

  1. Evaluate new vessel build specification drawings and determine the most efficient and effective configuration for a Wireless Network focused on  optimal signal strength and minimised cost.
  2. Evaluate and audit  existing on board wireless networks and deploy  reliable solutions that maximises signal strength and minimises cost.